Building Automation

Stock image showing a view of a table with charts and with a city skyline in the backgroundAt Havel, we help you maintain a professional business environment that is efficient, cost effective, and comfortable. We’ve earned a strong reputation for integrity, innovation, and dependability, by providing building automation solutions that serve to optimize your operations.

Open, Flexible Systems

We understand you want to preserve your investment for as long as possible—and maintain the freedom to upgrade systems whenever market dynamics dictate—so we recommend an open systems platform approach. 

In contrast to being confined by limitations of proprietary systems, our approach allows you to implement updates while helping minimize or avoid having to remove or replace equipment.

One Source for Turnkey Modernization

Havel can handle every aspect of your building automation needs, including:

  • Migrating individual buildings onto a standard, open platform
  • Establishing consistency in fundamental BAS-related tasks such as programming, sequence of operation, and scheduling
  • Formulating and executing integration strategy for subsequent system changes

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